• Health

    Improving All Phases of Healthcare

    IMPAQ International is dedicated to increasing the quality and value of U.S. healthcare, and to building the infrastructure to support a high-performing healthcare system that improves the lives of millions.

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  • Education

    Investing in Our Future

    At IMPAQ, we believe that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest -that ultimately improving the lives of youth and their families requires increasing access to, and enhancing the quality of, education.

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  • International Development

    Measuring Development Impact

    At IMPAQ, our International Development team strives for an equitable world, driven by engaged citizens, mobilized communities, informed policies and an educated populace.

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  • Labor and Human Services

    Building a Foundation for Opportunity

    IMPAQ International’s Labor and Human Services Division strives to improve the lives of Americans and assist the most vulnerable groups in society by evaluating the effectiveness of programs targeting those in need of workforce and human services support.

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  • Survey Research

    Bringing Research to Life

    IMPAQ is at the forefront of survey research, with expertise in survey design, implementation, and analysis.Our rigorous and innovative approaches provide clients with valid and reliable results that inform key policy decisions and help bring research to life.

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  • Technology Solutions

    Creating Systems That Inform

    IMPAQ International understands that the key to informed policy-making, whether among government or the private sector, lies in the ability to develop technology driven solutions that help collect, manage, analyze and secure data.

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We are dedicated to collaborating with governments, the private sector, and the public on tackling important issues and driving value by utilizing innovative thinking and rigorous approaches to improve our clients’ policies and programs so that they deliver meaningful, real world impact.

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