About Us

Driving Value Through Insight™

Through program evaluations, research, surveys, technology, and policy analysis, IMPAQ better enables governments, businesses, foundations, non-profits, and universities to enhance their programs and policies.

Our staff of world class researchers, survey professionals, technical innovators, and subject matter experts combine innovative thinking and rigorous approaches to make a real world impact.

We are known for our flexibility, responsiveness, and willingness to adapt to our clients challenges. When we assemble a team, we bring together experts from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to consider a challenge, and as a result, our solutions are holistic, and highly responsive to our clients’ changing needs.

Our primary markets include labor, health, human services, international development, and education markets.

While research and evaluation are the foundation on which IMPAQ was built, our organizational structure allows us to respond to a wide array of client needs:

The Center for Research, Evaluation & Implementation (CREI) helps public organizations achieve excellence in understanding their impact and improving their effectiveness. Service offerings of CREI include:

  • Impact evaluations
  • Policy and program analysis
  • Market analysis, applied research and feasibility studies
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Technical assistance
  • Business process reengineering and quality improvement

The Center for Technology, Data Collection & Dissemination (CTD²) helps organizations collect, manage, analyze, and communicate data and research findings. Service offerings of the CTD² include:

  • Data collection and management
  • Analytics and business intelligence
  • Survey methodology, design and operations
  • Conference management
  • Online training programs
  • Webinars & information dissemination

Our founding, in 2001, was based on a belief that exceptional people committed to rigorous research can improve the lives of real people. While today, we have grown into a leading firm with over 350 dedicated, hard-working, experienced people in six offices around the world, we still believe this to be true.

We are proud that the insights, surveys, and technology that we provide help our clients make a meaningful, real world impact – this is our mission.

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