Dr. Maurice Kugler

Dr. Maurice D. Kugler is Principal Research Scientist and Managing Director for IMPAQ’s Labor and Human Services Division with in-depth expertise in policy evaluation and quantitative methods, particularly advanced econometrics.


Dr. Kugler has extensive experience in impact evaluation, including randomized control trials and quasi-experimental designs with applications to policy analysis. His research encompasses econometric analyses on diverse aspects of labor markets, human capital formation, international migration, productivity, trade openness and foreign direct investment.

The economics bibliographic database IDEAS/RePEc has ranked Dr. Kugler among the top 5 percent of economists worldwide by a number of criteria, including average rank score, the number of citations, the h-index, and the breadth of citations across fields. Also, he has more than 4,000 citations in Google Scholar, with 15 papers with more than 100 Google Scholar citations.

This research has been recognized with the Juan Luis Londoño Prize, presented to the best paper on social policy in the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) Conference program, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, October 15-17, 2015 (“Educational, Labor Market, and Welfare Impacts of Scholarships for Private Secondary School: Evidence from Colombia,” co-authored with Eric Bettinger, Michael Kremer, Carlos Medina, Christian Posso and Juan Saavedra); and also with the First Prize for Best Contribution in the area of “Globalization, Regulation and Development” at the Global Development Network Annual Conference Program, Prague, Czech Republic, January 16-18, 2010 (“Trade Reforms and Market Selection: Evidence from Manufacturing Plants in Colombia,” co-authored with Marcela Eslava, John Haltiwanger and Adriana Kugler.) In addition, the latter paper was published in 2013 in Review of Economic Dynamics and was identified by the publisher, Elsevier Science, as one of the most highly cited papers during 2014, 2015 and up until June 2016, according to data from Scopus (the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature).


Recently, Dr. Kugler has focused on investigating the impact of policies targeted at skill formation for youth as they navigate their school to work transitions, including entrepreneurial and job training aspects. For these projects, he has assumed leadership roles in designing evaluation strategies, establishing outcome measures to guide the evaluation, and directing the data collection and analysis processes. Dr. Kugler has also led projects estimating the impacts of changes in international integration policy on domestic labor markets. In the past, he has been Principal Investigator (PI) for research sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), the U.K. Department for International Development (DfID), the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank. Also, since joining IMPAQ, he has been PI for projects funded by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Prior Experience 

Prior to joining IMPAQ, Dr. Kugler was Head of Research for the Human Development Report of the United Nations. His previous post was as Senior Economist at the World Bank. Before that, he was Visiting Professor of Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government and Research Fellow at the Growth Lab of the Center for International Development at Harvard University. He conducted research on how social policies impact upon the prospects of human development in nations and regions. His work has been published in top economics journals, including the American Economic Review (American Economic Association), the Review of Economic Studies (Oxford University Press), the Review of Economics and Statistics (MIT Press), the Journal of Development Economics (Elsevier Science Direct) and Economic Development and Cultural Change (The University of Chicago Press).

Selected Previous Papers

Eslava, M., Haltiwanger, J., Kugler, A. & Kugler, M. (2013). Trade Reforms and Market Selection: Evidence from Manufacturing Plants in Colombia. Review of Economic Dynamics, 16(1), 135 -158.

Kugler, M. & Verhoogen, E. (2012). Prices, Plant Size, and Product Quality. Review of Economic Studies, 79(1), 307-339. 

Eslava, M., Haltiwanger, J., Kugler, A. & Kugler, M. (2010). Factor Adjustments after Deregulation: Panel Plant Evidence from Colombia. Review of Economics and Statistics, 92(2), 378-391.

Kugler, A. & Kugler, M. (2009). The Labor Market Effects of Payroll Taxes: Evidence from Colombia. Economic Development & Cultural Change, 56(2), 335-358.

Kugler, M. & Verhoogen, E. (2009). Plants and Imported Inputs: New Facts and Interpretation. American Economic Review, 99(2), 501-507.

Kugler, M. & Lotti, E. (2007). Migrant Remittances, Human Capital Formation and Job Creation Externalities in Central America. Integration & Trade Journal, 27(2), 105-134.

Kugler, M., Rapoport, H. & Yaman, S. (2007). Migration and Foreign Investments across the European Union: What Are the Links? Revue Economique, 58(3), 725-734.

Kugler, M. & Rapoport, H. (2007). International Labor and Capital Flows: Complements or Substitutes? Economics Letters, 92(2), 155-162.

IMPAQ Papers and Presentations

Kugler, M. (2016, October). Impact Evaluation of the REACH-T Model Farm School Program in Rwanda. Presentation at the American Evaluation Association Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Kugler, M. (2016, January). Long-Term Direct and Spillover Effects of Job Training: Experimental Evidence from Colombia. Presentation at the Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) Annual Meeting​, San Francisco, CA.

Kugler, M., Kugler, A., Saavedra, J. & Prada, L. (2016). Long-term Direct and Spillover Effects of Job Training: Experimental Evidence from Colombia. Presentation at the Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics, Washington, DC.

Kugler, M., Kugler, A., Saavedra, J. and Omar Herrera Prada, L. ​(2015). Long-term Direct and Spillover Effects of Job Training: Experimental Evidence from Colombia​. The National Bureau of Economic Research. 

Kugler, M. (2014). Skill Formation for Youth to Navigate School to Work Transitions. Presentation at the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab at MIT Post-Primary Education and Youth Conference, Paris, France.

Kugler, M. (2014). Sustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience. Presentation at the Consultation Conference for Human Development Report, Geneva, Switzerland.