Ms. Zuhal Haidari

Ms. Haidari (MPH Health Systems Management, Tulane University) is a Research Associate at IMPAQ International with 10 years of experience in health policy analysis, quality improvement, and performance measurement.


Ms. Haidari has extensive experience working with providers, professional organizations, healthcare institutions, and payers to implement quality improvement strategies. Ms. Haidari has worked with multiple organizations to develop methodology for developing clinical standards and implementing standards into quality improvement tools such as decision support tools. She worked with two state-wide quality improvement effort to evaluate and increase appropriate use of healthcare resource.

Prior Experience

Prior to joining IMPAQ, Ms. Haidari worked in the area of cardiology and, before that, she worked with national experts at the National Quality Forum in the area of patient safety and performance measures to promote a focused, national agenda for performance measures development. Ms. Haidari has extensive experience translating research into practice and developing quality improvement tools such as registries. Ms. Haidari has worked with government agencies to evaluate quality improvement programs such as AHRQ’s portfolio of patient safety projects and CMS’s QIOs. Additionally, she has knowledge of conducting surveys, focus groups, and other qualitative research methods. Ms. Haidari has also worked at healthcare systems in the area of safety and risk management. She recently managed a CMMI grant evaluating the care for cardiac patients.