IMPAQ’s Health Division works to increase the quality and value of U.S. healthcare and to build the infrastructure to support a high-performing healthcare system.

IMPAQ collaborates with clients to design, evaluate, and refine health delivery policies, programs, and systems in the following areas:

Healthcare Financing

IMPAQ’s Healthcare Financing practice specializes in evaluating existing and proposed payment systems and policies of private health insurers, Medicare, Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and other public payers.

IMPAQ’s services address the design of payment and pricing models, the evaluation of payment accuracy and error rates, and the estimation of the effects of payment system and policy changes on federal and state governments, and private payers. IMPAQ’s projects have focused on bundled payments, Medicare Part A prospective payment systems, Medicare Parts C and D capitation payments systems, value-based purchasing, and critical access hospital cost-based reimbursement systems.

For more information contact, Dr. Donald Nichols, Healthcare Financing-Practice Area Lead, at

Patient Safety and Quality

IMPAQ’s Patient Safety and Quality practice works with public and private organizations on issues relating to patient safety, care coordination, and culture change.

IMPAQ evaluates and implements programs to improve patient safety and reduce harm to patients. Some examples of IMPAQ’s recent work include measuring the effectiveness of strategies to reduce healthcare-associated infections, decreasing preventable harm in hospitals, reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions, and improving patient safety through teamwork by implementing and evaluating evidence-based systems such as TeamSTEPPS®.

For more information contact, Dr. David Baker, Chief Program Officer, at

Long-Term Care and Disability

IMPAQ’s Long-Term Care and Disability practice works closely with federal and state agencies in the areas of chronic disease prevention and management, as well as the delivery, financing, and provision of quality long-term services and supports (LTSS) for older adults and persons with disabilities.

IMPAQ’s LTSS policy-focused research, technical assistance, and evaluation services address multiple areas, such as chronic disease self-management education, state aging and disability resource networks, care transitions, systems transformation and balancing, person-centered LTSS, LTSS quality improvement, Medicaid home and community-based waivers, state plan amendments and demonstrations, and integrated service delivery and financing systems for Medicare-Medicaid enrollees (“dual eligibles”).

For more information contact, Dr. Sue Flanagan, Long-Term Care and Disability-Practice Area Lead, at

Performance Measurement and Quality of Care

IMPAQ’s Performance Measurement and Quality of Care practice specializes in developing, implementing, and testing health care system pay-for-performance strategies, performance and monitoring measures, and in developing, implementing, and testing health care system and quality programs.

IMPAQ provides federal and state agencies and private sector clients with evaluation and technical assistance to implement evidence-based tools to measure outcomes, address changes in clinical culture, and identify gaps or deficiencies in research. IMPAQ’s projects have included qualifying organizations to use Medicare data to publically report on care quality and ensuring that state healthcare marketplaces comply with relevant regulatory and sub-regulatory requirements.

For more information contact, Dr. Sally Turbyville, Performance Measurement and Quality of Care-Practice Area Lead, at

Health Information Technology

Working closely with the Health team, IMPAQ’s Technology Solutions Division has extensive expertise in helping clients collect, integrate, analyze, and share health-focused data.

IMPAQ designs and implements technology solutions that enable the secure collection and exchange of health data about individuals and that inform the delivery of safe, efficient, and high quality care.

The Technology Solutions Division also specializes in health informatics strategies and systems for federal and state programs, health plans, and private sector organizations that increase access, organization, and usability of information to improve population health and reduce health care costs.

For more information contact, Mr. Slava Katz, Managing Director, Technology Solutions, at

IMPAQ conducts research and evaluation studies to understand how better quality care can be delivered to more people to improve the overall health of the population at reduced cost. IMPAQ’s superior client support reflects this same focus on high quality and cost effectiveness.

Currently, IMPAQ is conducting cutting-edge research on critical issues related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). For example, our researchers are evaluating alternative payment and care delivery models, testing strategies to mitigate hospital readmissions, supporting the implementation of the Health Insurance Exchanges, and implementing policies that make information on care quality more readily available to consumers.

Similarly, many of IMPAQ’s projects leverage the company’s strengths across all practice areas. IMPAQ’s work supporting the CMS Comprehensive ESRD Care (CEC) Initiative includes analysis of Medicare claims data, program monitoring, quality measurement, as well as financial analysis of alternative payment and delivery models.