Survey Research

Survey Research

IMPAQ’s Survey Research Division offers a full range of survey research and data collection services to clients in government, academic institutions, and the private sector. Our staff is at the forefront of innovative and rigorous approaches to survey research, with expertise in survey design, sampling, survey methodology, survey administration, and analysis. We are experts in questionnaire design, electronic data capture, multi-mode data collection, and gathering data on sensitive topics and with hard-to-reach populations. We also offer significant capabilities in qualitative techniques such as focus groups and in-depth interviews.

Our dedicated Survey Research Division has conducted surveys of diverse populations across numerous substantive areas, both domestically and internationally. The overarching goal of our survey projects is to gather valid data that provides actionable results and informs public policy. We achieve this goal through the use of proven methodologies, impeccable quality standards, and close collaboration with our clients.

Our surveys achieve high response rates through the use of survey best practices, including innovative recruitment strategies, rigorous training programs for interviewers, non-response follow-up techniques, and refusal aversion and conversion.

IMPAQ’s survey projects are supported by a state-of-the-art, in-house Survey Operations Center staffed seven days a week with experienced interviewers, supervisors, locators, coders, and data processing staff.