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Federal, state, and local governments, corporations, and non-profit organizations invest billions of dollars in the workforce development system every year. Programs and policies are generally designed to prepare individuals to enter the workforce or advance in the workplace. As demand for these programs are increasing and funding is declining, the public wants assurance that these investments are having positive impacts.

The system is multifaceted and highly complex. It includes public and private training providers, a wide array of support services, and a diverse population of individuals of all ages, skills and abilities. IMPAQ’s labor researchers help our clients understand what is working, where to invest their dollars, and what policy decisions will have the most impact.

Our commitment to rigorously designing and implementing evaluations of workforce development programs is unparalleled. Our interdisciplinary team of highly-experienced researchers employ evaluation techniques to rigorously test which programs and interventions are most effective at achieving policy goals, informing clients how best to improve a program, scale up an approach that works, or modify an intervention that does not.

Flexible and Responsive to Changing Needs

With more than 30 researchers, including Ph.D. level economists, psychologists, sociologists, and social scientists, as well as experts with advanced degrees in public policy, our researchers possess a thorough knowledge of the workforce investment system. Through rigorous evaluations and data-driven evidence, we provide solutions that are integral to planning, developing, managing, and implementing the nation's workforce development programs.

IMPAQ has designed and conducted rigorous studies of workforce development, worker protection, training, and adult education programs at the national, state, and local levels.

In addition to our high level of customer service and flexibility, what sets IMPAQ apart is our in-house survey center, and expertise in information technology systems.

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Our expertise and experience in conducting random assignment and quasi-experimental design program evaluation studies, coupled with our labor and workforce subject matter experts, makes us uniquely qualified to design and implement state-of-the-art techniques and approaches.

IMPAQ drives value with innovative thinking and rigorous approaches to improve our clients’ policies and programs—delivering meaningful, real world impact. We provide solutions that help our clients improve their programs, including benefit-cost analysis, assessment of social impacts, and estimations of return-on-investment.

Research and Policy

IMPAQ works with decision-makers the world over to conduct holistic, evidence-based research to establish new policies and to improve programs' outcomes, efficiency and effectiveness. For example, IMPAQ is working with the U.S. Department Of Labor to conduct research on the economic and employment characteristics of women veterans.

IMPAQ pairs innovation with in-depth knowledge of workforce programs. We have extensive experience developing simulations; modeling complex systems; performing econometric analyses; and collecting, cleaning, and analyzing large sets of survey, program, and administrative data.

IMPAQ is also at the forefront of implementing a range of qualitative research methods including focus groups, one-on-one and group interviews, site visits, environmental scans, content analysis, and benchmarking studies to identify best practices and lessons learned from other government organizations and the private sector.

Our reputation has been built on rigorous methodology, providing technically sound solutions to complex and challenging problems, and presenting results and recommendations in a straightforward manner.

Data Analytics

IMPAQ applies world-class analytics and modeling to convert data into actionable intelligence. We solve problems in optimization, prediction, simulation, comparison, and big data visualization. We identify where to focus, converting data and models into actionable insights. We use advanced analytics not only to improve the design of systems but also to translate data-driven insights into tangible changes in operational processes and successful interventions.

For example, IMPAQ is working with the U.S. Department of Labor to provide recommendations for how it can support state-level scorecard development.

Our researchers deliver advanced analytics services either as a standalone solution or as part of larger strategic initiatives. We help our clients cut through the complexity of multiple program components to gain insight into value creation at a granular level. Our ability to generate unique data-driven insights helps inform strategic decision-making. Our approach equips clients with a clearer and more detailed picture of their program, which allow them to make informed decisions.

Our value comes in our ability to sift through complex data and help our clients solve problem that they were not able to tackle before and in some cases did not know exist.

Technical Assistance

IMPAQ employs a multidisciplinary approach in implementing evidence-based strategies at the federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as with multilateral organizations and the private sector. IMPAQ helps build the capacity of organizations to enable them to meet their stated objectives and performance goals. We have extensive experience working with diverse organizations in various stages of development and capability. Our technical assistance is based upon best practices in the field of workforce development. We provide technical assistance in a wide range of areas, including policy development, program operations, strategic planning, and program design and implementation.

For example, IMPAQ is working with the U.S. Department of Labor to provide a wide range of technical assistance to the Employment and Training Administration.

At IMPAQ, we design and deliver practical, results-oriented technical assistance that is responsive to our clients’ needs and priorities.

Business Process Reengineering

As budgets shrink and demand for public services grows, IMPAQ is helping local, state, federal, and international governments identify weaknesses in their current processes and develop new ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve processing times and services. IMPAQ’s team of highly experienced BPR professionals hit the ground running and produce actionable sustainable results quickly. We assist organizations in designing new processes and revamping existing functions by applying proven process improvement methodologies. For example, IMPAQ is working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide Business Process Reengineering services to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program.

Our business process reengineering solutions strive to maximize effective operations through quality and expense control recommendations that balance effectiveness with cost and service. We do this by reviewing existing process, identifying gaps, developing remedies to address any gaps, assisting with implementation, and monitoring progress.

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