Demonstration and Evaluation of Targeted Recruitment for Women in Non-Traditional Occupations

IMPAQ and its partners, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research and the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity, are identifying, implementing, and evaluating promising strategies designed to increase the employment of women in occupations where females are traditionally under-represented.

Evaluation of Women Veterans Economic and Employment Characteristics and Development of a Federal Program Service Inventory

Women Veterans are the fastest growing group in the Veterans' community. The current group of female Veterans can be expected to live much longer than current male Veterans and as a result will likely seek more services than their male counterparts. IMPAQ International is supporting the U.S. Department of Labor in developing a profile of women Veterans to describe their economic and employment characteristics compared to male Veterans, women non-Veterans, and the civilian population as a whole.

Data Collection for the HUD Counseling Outcomes Study

IMPAQ International serves as a subcontractor to Abt Associates, Inc., to collect data on counselors and counseling clients at HUD-approved housing counseling agencies. The study focuses on people seeking counseling prior to purchasing their first house, as well as people seeking foreclosure mitigation counseling. As part of this project, HUD hopes to gain a better understanding of:

Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey (LA FANS)

The Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey (L.A.FANS) is a longitudinal study of families in Los Angeles County, California, and of the neighborhoods in which they live.

Research suggests that safe, supportive neighborhoods are important for children, teens, and adults. But what makes a neighborhood a positive place to live? This study has tried to answer this question by comparing the lives of children and adults in a broad range of neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles County.

The L.A.FANS focuses on:

Mixed Income Project (MIP)

The MIP Project is a study that examines how families in two large metropolitan areas have fared in the economic circumstances of the last two years. The study re-interviewed participants of two earlier studies, one in Chicago and another on in Los Angeles. Because it is a follow-up to those studies, it compares how people are doing now as opposed to the time of their prior interviews. The study is being conducted with funds from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation awarded to Harvard University and UCLA.


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