Creation of State Health Practice Database for Research

IMPAQ is developing the State Health Practice Database for Research (SHPDR), including the selection of content, database design and development, and website design and development. To support these activities, IMPAQ performed an environmental scan and gathered input from technical expert panels of health economists, health services researchers, and database experts. The SHPDR will give health economists and health services researchers free, user-friendly access to state statutes and regulations for the following topics:

Evaluation of the Maryland Multi-Payer Patient-Centered Medical Home Program

The State of Maryland established the Maryland Multi-Payer Patient-Centered Medical Home (MMPP) in response to legislation passed in 2010.  The Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) is providing 53 selected practices with education and technical assistance to help them transform into PCMHs.  MHCC is interested in learning whether the MMPP can improve healthcare quality, and consequently, health outcomes, while reducing costs of care.  The evaluation will also assess the practice transformation process and the benefits received by practices from shared savings.  The IMPAQ team is using a pr

TURKEY: Survey Data Collection for the Privatization Social Support Project

TURKEY - IMPAQ provided technical assistance and consulting services to the Turkish government to assess the social impact of privatization on the Turkish economy and workforce.  As a part of the World Bank’s Privatization Social Support Project (PSSP) in Turkey, the study incorporated three separate studies, each with its own objective and implementation methodology:

BURKINA FASO AND SENEGAL: Impact of the Millennium Challenge Accounts Roads Projects

BURKINA FASO AND SENEGAL - Since 2010, IMPAQ has worked with MCC to design and implement an impact evaluation of the MCC Roads Project in Burkina Faso and Sénégal. This ongoing evaluation is assessing the impact of road construction on key outcomes, including access to agricultural markets, access to basic social services, and transportation costs.

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Impact Evaluation of the Irrigation and Water Resource Management Project in Senegal & Agricultural Development & Rural Land Governance Projects in Burkina Faso

Under the MCC Impact Evaluation IDIQ contract vehicle, IMPAQ is supporting MCC’s mission by facilitating independent impact evaluations of MCC programs, projects, and activities proposed by eligible countries. IMPAQ provides recognized expertise in the field of economic development research, using advanced research methodologies and quasi-experimental designs. IMPAQ also provides technical assistance to MCC and Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) country staff to carry out required data collection activities.


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