Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) operates the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program to provide financial assistance to eligible workers seeking reemployment. Public programs also provide job search, reemployment, and training services that promote rapid re-employment. These policies and programs rely heavily on actionable data to assist dislocated and eligible workers during times of unemployment.

IMPAQ’s team of labor researchers have worked extensively to evaluate the effectiveness, assess program processes, and identify best practices associated with programs designed to assist unemployed workers. Our labor economists and workforce development experts apply rigorous and innovative approaches that provide reliable and evidence-based data to assist in reducing unemployment spells among the nation’s workforce.

For example, IMPAQ undertook a five-year study for DOL to develop empirical research on the UI benefits system. Our research supports DOL in assessing existing UI policy, planning future research projects, and initiating new demonstration projects. Research papers include, “New Policy Opportunities for Unemployment Insurance,” “The Effects of Weeks of Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance on Benefit Duration and Exhaustion,” “Characteristics of Unemployed Workers and UI Recipients,” and “Repeat Use of UI Benefits.” Also for DOL, IMPAQ conducted early studies of Reemployment and Eligibility Assessments (REA).

By examining program impacts associated with UI duration, exhaustion, overpayments, and return to work, our research resulted in a final report to Congress designed to provide decision-making information relevant to future funding of the REA Initiative and state funding allocations.

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