Dr. Alisú Schoua-Glusberg

Dr. Alisú Schoua-Glusberg is a Principal Research Associate at IMPAQ International. She is a survey methodologist with nearly 30 years of experience as a survey researcher, qualitative researcher, and project manager, both in U.S. and in international projects.


Since she joined IMPAQ in 2002, Dr. Schoua-Glusberg's has participated in a number of international projects, where she worked on instrument design and oversight of training and data collection in projects examining the social impact of privatization (Turkey), evaluating a program to improve maternal-infant health (Mexico), aiming to reduce child labor in agricultural migrant families (Turkey), and evaluating a worker rights' program (Colombia). She has conducted evaluations of data quality and advised a national statistical agency and private firms on quality monitoring and improvement (Republic of Georgia). She has designed instruments for qualitative data collection to evaluate progress in a poverty reduction program (Ghana). In the past three years, she worked on impact evaluations (roads, irrigation, land distribution) in Senegal and Burkina Faso, where she collaborated on instrument design and testing, interviewer training, and field observations.     

On the domestic front, Dr. Schoua-Glusberg helped develop IMPAQ's Survey Center, first for the GATE project and then to expand and grow it for the National Job Corps Data Collection project.

Dr. Schoua-Glusberg also has substantial expertise conducting focus groups and performing cognitive/ethnographic interviewing, and conducting qualitative process evaluations. She has served as a member of the External Peer Review Panel which examined and evaluated the U.S. Census Bureau's Statistical Research Division's research agenda on Ethnography. Since August 2013, Dr. Schoua-Glusberg has been a member of the Census Bureau's National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic and Other Populations.

Dr. Schoua-Glusberg is an experienced and skilled trainer. In addition to designing and carrying out numerous programs for training survey and cognitive interviewers, she has made presentations on survey research methodology to the Economic Directorate in Turkey. She has also trained graduate students in Epidemiology on cognitive interviewing at the Secretary of Health in Mexico City. Additionally, she has taught courses on survey translation at the Center for Research Methods and Analysis (ZUMA) in Mannheim, Germany, and at the AAPOR annual conference.

Dr. Schoua-Glusberg is internationally renowned for her research on translation methods for survey instruments. In 2001, she was a member of the Translation Expert Panel convened by the U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistical Research Division to establish best practices and guidelines for survey studies translations. She was also a member of the Translation Task Force for the European Social Survey from 2001 through 2008. This group of five translation experts drafted guidelines for translation and translation assessment for the 21 countries participating in the ESS, and provided ongoing consulting on translation issues. Dr. Schoua-Glusberg is a native speaker of Spanish with near native command of English. She is fluent in French, has a working command of Russian, and has excellent comprehension of Portuguese and Italian.

Prior Experience

Dr. Schoua-Glusberg has directed survey operations at IMPAQ International, Harvard School of Public Health/Harvard Medical School project, and was Director of the Survey Operations Center at the National Opinion Research Center (NORC). In addition to her work at IMPAQ, she is Co-founder and Principal at Research Support Services Inc. Throughout her professional career, she has directed many complex, large-scale survey research projects. Her responsibilities have included providing overall project direction, including working with clients to define appropriate research questions, coordinating technical staff; overseeing instrument development and the development of interviewer training procedures and materials, monitoring all schedules, costs, and production, and supervising data collection, data analysis, quality control, and report writing. 


Dr. Schoua-Glusberg's is a Cultural/Linguistic Anthropologist (Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1985).  

IMPAQ Papers and Presentations

Schoua-Glusberg, A. (2016, July). Implementing the TRAPD Model: Team/committee Approaches in Practice. Presentation at the Second International Conference on Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional, and Multicultural Contexts (3MC 2016), Chicago, IL.

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