Ms. Jennifer Pooler

Ms. Pooler (M.P.P., University of Southern Maine) is a Senior Research Associate at IMPAQ International with nine years of experience conducting social science research and program evaluation for a wide range of federal and private clients. She has applied her expertise in quantitative and qualitative evaluation, data collection, and analysis in a variety of topic areas, including maternal and child health, nutrition education, and the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).

Before joining IMPAQ, Ms. Pooler served as the project director for the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Epidemiology and Statistics Program funded by the HRSA Maternal and Child Health Bureau, which served to improve data capacity and dissemination of MCH topics in state and local MCH programs. She also led a study assessing prevalence of postpartum depression among WIC mothers from a nationally representative sample of new moms, and contributed to multiple WIC studies, ranging from participant acceptance of changes to the WIC food packages and WIC benefit use, to studies of improper payments to vendors and state agency cost-containment practices. 

IMPAQ Papers and Presentations

Pooler, J. & Srinivasan, M. (2017, November). SNAP Participation and Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence among Older Adults with Chronic Conditions. Presentation at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.

Srinivasan, M. & Pooler, J. (2017, November). SNAP Benefits Go Beyond Food Access: A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of SNAP and Medication Nonadherence for Older Adults. Presentation at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

Srinivasan, M. & Pooler, J. (2018). Cost-Related Medication Nonadherence for Older Adults Participating in SNAP, 2013-2015American Journal of Public Health, 108(2), 224-230. 

Pooler, J., Morgan, R., Wong, K., Wilkins, M. & Blistein, J. (2017). Cooking Matters for Adults Improves Food Resource Management Skills and Self-confidence Among Low-Income Participants. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 49(7), 545-553.

Pooler, J. A., Morgan, R. M. & Wong, K. (2016, November). Food Preparation Outcomes Associated with Participation in Cooking Matters for Adults. Presentation at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Exposition, Denver, CO.

Pooler, J., Ashbrook, A. & Lewin-Zwerdling, A. (2017, March). Food Insecurity among Older Adults: Screening Best Practices and Community Intervention Strategies. Presentation at the Aging in America Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

Pooler, J. A. (2015, November). Positive impact of a nutrition education program for low-income adults on food resource management skills and self-efficacy. Presentation at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Exposition, Chicago, IL.