Ms. Martha Kelly

Ms. Martha Kelly is IMPAQ’s Senior Vice President, IMPAQ Health. Ms. Kelly is responsible for helping IMPAQ’s clients utilize data-driven decision making to enhance public programs and policy.


Ms. Kelly brings 20 years of experience in statistical analysis of large databases in support of program evaluation, policy analysis, and technology experience across the public and private sectors. She provides expertise and oversight for analytics supporting payment rates, quality measures, and initiatives to align provider incentives.

Prior Experience

Ms. Kelly came to IMPAQ from Acumen, LLC where she was a Senior Research Director responsible for leading strategic engagements related to Medicare and private health insurance, particularly with hospital readmissions analyses, new payment reform proposals such as bundling, and impact analyses for proposed policies.

Having experience as a SAS programmer, a policy analyst, and an auditor with the federal government, Ms. Kelly understands the intricacies of Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance data, knows how policy is developed, and is experienced in helping clients develop proposals that are shaped with sound analytics.

Ms. Kelly was also an Assistant Director with the US Government Accountability Office, where she led studies for Congress on a range of health care topics, including examining the operations and impact of Medicare, Medicaid, and other health systems operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense.


Ms. Kelly holds a Master of Science in Public Health with a concentration in Quantitative Methods and Biostatistics from the University of North Carolina and a B.S. in Economics from The Johns Hopkins University.