Center for Research, Evaluation & Implementation

IMPAQ’s Center for Research, Evaluation & Implementation (CREI) provides a range of policy research and program support services, leveraging a wide variety of methodologies and expertise to help clients understand policy impact and improve program effectiveness.​

IMPAQ has a strong reputation for its ability to collect, analyze, and interpret data, as well as for presenting research results and recommendations in a straight-forward manner. Click on any of the links below to learn more about CREI services. ​

Research Services

IMPAQ has years of proven experience conducting random assignment studies, quasi-experimental research, mixed-method data collection, economic analysis, and benchmarking studies. Specialized survey and technology teams collect, clean, organize, store, and manage large program and administrative data sets for research purposes.​

Services range from policy/program analysis, to applied research studies, to in-depth feasibility studies. Click here to learn more about IMPAQ’s research services.

Evaluation Services

IMPAQ helps clients understand the effectiveness of their programs while identifying opportunities for operational improvements. Evaluation services include design, development, and implementation of evaluations of domestic and international programs and policy. Clients range from Department of Labor, the Department of Health and Human Services, the World Bank, and the Agency for International Development, as well as for foreign governments.​

Approaches are wide-ranging and can include benefit-cost analyses, social impact assessments, return on investment estimations, qualitative and quantitative analyses, and rapid cycle evaluations.

Services include process evaluations, outcome evaluations, and mixed method evaluations. Click here to learn more about IMPAQ’s evaluation services.​

Implementation Services

IMPAQ helps clients deliver more effective services and improve program performance through technical assistance and program support. ​

This includes a wide range of support services to help clients better serve their target audiences. IMPAQ assists organizations with program design and startup, technology and data systems, procedures and protocols, and training.

Services include technical assistance, performance measurement, quality improvement, and business process reengineering. Click here to learn more about IMPAQ’s implementation services.

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