Center for Technology, Data Collection & Dissemination

​IMPAQ’s Center for Technology, Data Collection & Dissemination (CTD²) provides a wide range of public program support services, all seamlessly managed by a single organization.

CTD² delivers technical, survey, and communications solutions to address complex public program challenges in collaboration with government, non-profit, and commercial clients. With using tools that include rigorous surveys, innovative technology solutions, and communications strategies, IMPAQ create holistic solutions. These solutions help public programs improve delivery, become more efficient, decrease costs, and often uncover new opportunities.

Technology Solutions

IMPAQ’s technical solutions are highly responsive and driven by business needs. We are well known for exceptional customer service and the ability to adjust as a client’s needs change. IMPAQ’s teams combine world-class expertise in data and technology with mature project management procedures to give clients the confidence that the right solution is being provided, on time and on budget.

Technical solutions include requirements documentation, systems architecture and integrations, software and application development, interface design, analytics and business intelligence, testing, security, and consulting. Click here to learn more about IMPAQ’s technical solutions.

Surveys & Data Collection

IMPAQ offers a full range of survey research services that employ best practices, innovative strategies, and rigorous approaches to help ensure that data is reliable and complete. With a full-service, technology-rich, in-house survey center, staffed seven days a week with experienced, highly trained interviewers, supervisors, locators, coders, and data processors, IMPAQ provides the full range of cost-efficient survey research and data collection services, delivering scalable options and rapid responses to changing project needs.

Services include survey methodology and design, data collection and operations, and data analysis and interpretation. Click here to learn more about IMPAQ’s survey and data collection services.

Communications Solutions

Public programs and large scale corporate initiatives can require complex communications with stakeholders, constituents, and the public. Teams of subject matter experts, content creators, event and meeting planners, trainers, and project managers help clients craft and deliver professional, appropriate, timely communications.

Services include conference and event management, training programs and webinars, and content creation and dissemination. Click here to learn more about IMPAQ’s communication solutions.

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