IMPAQ Participates In National Walking Day

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

IMPAQ participated in the American Heart Association’s annual National Walking Day and took a total of 116,884 steps between all of our offices. With IMPAQ, National Walking Day achieved its twin goals of helping individuals learn the benefits of walking, and motivating us all to get into the habit of getting up and moving throughout the day.

Employees in each of our offices signed up for a 15 or 30 minute slot to walk during the day. Like a relay team with a baton, they passed off a pedometer to the next walker, counting the team’s total steps.

Here Are Our Results

  • Columbia office team: Walked 47,623 steps total. Elizabeth Gall walked the most with 3,484 steps.
  • DC office team: Walked 42,747 steps total. Nolen Morton walked the most with 4,131 steps.
  • California office team:  Walked 26,514 steps. Jaime Meza Cordero walked the most with 3,984 steps.

Great job team IMPAQ!


The Columbia office team.


The California office team. 



The DC office team. 



Columbia office accounting staff took a selfie while they walked. 



California staff member Nada Rayyes enjoyed the spring weather during her walk. 



Columbia staff member Evan Perlman even spotted an eagle on his walk. 


We had a lot of fun and we’re already looking forward to National Walking Day 2016!