IMPAQ Your Week - June 13, 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016


Project Updates

IMPAQ is recruiting health insurance consumers to participate in paid, one-hour interviews on the quality of care and services provided by the health plans offered through the Marketplaces established by the Affordable Care Act. The team, led by Dan Andersen, is recruiting individuals who have either enrolled in or who considered enrolling in health plans offered on the Marketplaces. The interviews will be conducted through August 2016 and participants will be reimbursed for their time. For more information, please contact Melissa Castora-Binkley by email at or by phone at 813-865-3182. 

As a part of our work with the Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation, Karen Armstrong and Tim Griffith presented and facilitated working groups at the Maryland Tech Connection Work and Learn Forum on June 2 in Hanover, MD. The forum included employers from IT and bioscience industries, training providers, and workforce staff.

Publications & Presentations

Daniel Weinberg, Guido Cataife, and Rekha Varghese will attend and present at the American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon) Sixth Biennial Conference from June 12-15 in Philadelphia, PA. Daniel will be a discussant at the presentation “Do Hospitals Respond to Price Changes? A Study of Hospital Acquired Condition Payment Change in California.” In addition, Daniel and Guido will present “A Unified Approach to Implementation and Evaluation of CMS's Innovative Shared Savings Initiatives,” and Guido will present “State-Government Partisanship and Health Care Financing.” IMPAQ is also exhibiting at the conference as a Silver Sponsor.

The Washington Post recently featured Kris-Stella Trump’s peer-reviewed article “Getting federal stimulus money turned blue U.S. counties bluer, and red counties redder. How can that be?” in the paper’s political science section. Kris-Stella co-authored the article with Katherine Levine Einstein and Vanessa Williamson.

Roman Ponos will attend Devex World tomorrow in Washington, DC. The event includes progressive panels, flash talks, interactive workshops, networking, an experimental learning lab, and innovation zones. 

Upcoming Conferences

Several Health Division staff members will attend and present at the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting, June 26-28, Boston, MA. IMPAQ is also exhibiting at the conference as a Bronze Sponsor.

Kris-Stella Trump presenting at the Annual Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology, July 13-16, Warsaw, Poland.

IMPAQ will be a Gold Sponsor for the DC-AAPOR Conference Preview/Review, July 18, Washington, DC.

Alisu Schoua-Glusberg and Mousumi Sarkar to present at the 3MC International Conference, July 25-29, Chicago, IL. IMPAQ will also exhibit and sponsor.