Health Experts Present at the ASHEcon Biennial Conference

June 12-15, 2016

IMPAQ will be a Silver sponsor and participate in three presentations at the 6th Biennial Conference of the American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon) in Philadelphia, PA. The conference, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania and Penn’s Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, expects nearly 1,000 attendees for the biggest meeting in ASHEcon’s history. Stop by our exhibit table to learn how IMPAQ supports ASHEcon’s mission to advance health economics research in the United States.

IMPAQ Presentations

Dr. Daniel Weinberg
Dr. Guido Cataife

On June 13, Dr. Daniel Weinberg will be a discussant at the presentation “Do Hospitals Respond to Price Changes? A Study of Hospital Acquired Condition Payment Change in California.” The presentation will be held in the F45 (Huntsman Hall) at 3:00 PM. During the presentation, they will discuss the Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HAC) —Present on Admission (POA) program for Medicare population in response to the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) and the impact of this Medicare policy change on various outcomes, including hospital’s nominal response such as coding practice, and their real response such as intensity and quality of health care services they provide.

On June 14, Dr. Guido Cataife and Dr. Weinberg will present “A Unified Approach to Implementation and Evaluation of CMS's Innovative Shared Savings Initiatives” in the Lobby (Annenberg Center). During the presentation, they will discuss their study which develops a unified approach to implementation and evaluation of CMS shared saving models that eliminates inconsistencies, reduces testing costs, and accelerates scale up of successful models.

On June 14, Dr. Cataife will also present “State-Government Partisanship and Health Care Financing” in the Lobby (Annenberg Center). During the presentation, Dr. Cataife will discuss the impact of policy preferences on health care financing by estimating the effect of partisan control of the state government on key health care financing measures.

About ASHEcon

ASHEcon is a professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in health economics research in the United States. The organization provides a forum for emerging ideas and empirical results of health economics research.