Human Services Experts Present at APHSA HHS Summit

May 22-25, 2016


IMPAQ Human Services experts will present during three breakout panels at the American Public Health Association’s (APHSA) National Health & Human Services Summit from May 22-25 in Arlington, VA.

Dr. Hoke Wilson
Dr. Kris-Stella Trump
Dr. Mithuna Srinivasan
Dr. Dallas Elgin

Dr. Hoke Wilson will present "Simulating Policy Outcomes with Agent-based Models" on May 23 from 1:00-2:00 PM. Dr. Mithuna Srinivasan will service as the session's moderator. Dr. Wilson describes and presents agent-based modeling as a powerful simulation tool for informing policy maker decisions by incorporating social dynamics.

Dr. Kris-Stella Trump and Dr. Mithuna Srinivasan will present “Behavioral Economics for Human Services: Concepts and Applications” as part of a breakout panel “Behavior Economics and Human Services – What We Know” on May 23 from 3:45 – 5:00 PM. The presentation will provide an overview of behavioral economics, describe how it differs from the traditional economics paradigm, and present some examples of applications in the field.

In addition, Dr. Dallas Elgin will co-present “Predictive Analytics: An Innovative Approach for Informing Child Welfare Decision-Making” during the “Innovations In Data Analytics and Predicitive Modeling” breakout panel on May 24 from 3:15 – 4:45 PM. This presentation assists human services practitioners with developing an improved understanding of predictive analytics, by discussing the concept, its utility for guiding policy and practice, and providing an example of how IMPAQ is using predictive analytics to examine the placement stability of foster care children.

About the APHSA Health & Human Services Summit

This year’s conference theme is Inspire. Innovate. Impact. The Summit will incorporate work from the National Collaborative for Integration of Health and Human Services, the Center for Employment and Economic Well-Being, and the child welfare community along with policy sessions to help inform the APHSA strategic playbook for the 2016 Presidential campaign and the new Administration.