IMPAQ Experts Present at SAS Global Forum 2016

April 18-21, 2016

Three IMPAQ health and education experts will present at SAS Global Forum 2016 in Las Vegas, NV from April 18-20. 

Dr. Paul Gorrell
Mr. Vincent Chan
Ms. Lorena Ortiz

IMPAQ Vice President, Health Dr. Paul Gorrell will speak during the breakout session “Medicare Payment Models: Past, Present, and Future” on April 19 from 1:00 PM – 1:50 PM.

Dr. Gorrell has more than 25 years of experience working with the U.S. government and other clients. He is a nationally-recognized expert in the use of analytic software for statistical programming and data analysis. For many years he has presented talks and led workshops at national conferences on the analysis of administrative and survey healthcare data, as well as the implementation of quality assurance principles in data validation, data processing, and analysis systems. He has also led and advised on numerous complex projects that encompass all aspects of data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Presentation Abstract

In 1965, nearly half of all Americans 65 and older had no health insurance. Now, 50 years later, only 2% lack health insurance. The difference, of course, is Medicare. Medicare now covers 55 million people, about 17% of the US population, and is the single largest purchaser of personal health care. Despite this success, the rising costs of health care in general and Medicare in particular have become a growing concern.

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IMPAQ Senior Research Analyst Mr. Vincent Chan and Research Associate Ms. Lorena Ortiz will co-present the breakout session “Building Macros for Quick Survey Scoring” on April 20 from 4:30 PM – 4:50 PM. 

Mr. Vincent Chan is a Senior Research Analyst with expertise in data management and analysis. In his current projects, he manages data collection procedures and leads several data processing and analytical tasks for several large scale impact evaluations. He has substantial experience with statistical software packages, including R, SPSS, SAS, and STATA, and specializes in handling large-scale data files.

Presentation Abstract

Surveys are a critical research component when trying to gather information about a population of people and their knowledge, attitudes, and experiences. Researchers often implement surveys after a population has participated in a class or educational program. Survey developers often create sets of items, which when analyzed as a group, can measure a construct that describes the underlying behavior, attribute, or characteristic of a study participant. 

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About the SAS Global Forum

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