Lanlan Xu Presents at the CHPAMS 2018 Biennial Conference

May 11-13, 2018
Dr. Lanlan Xu

IMPAQ health research expert Dr. Lanlan Xu will present at the China Health Policy and Management Society (CHPAMS) 2018 Biennial Conference, held at Yale University from May 11-13. Dr. Xu’s presentation “The Legal Gain: The Impact of the 1986 Amnesty Program on Immigrants’ Access to and Use of Health Care,” will be held on Saturday, May 12 from 3:00-4:15 PM in the MacMillan Center. 

About CHPAMS Conference

This year, the CHPAMS conference theme is Advances in Health Policy and Healthcare: The Road Ahead, with a special focus on Healthy China 2030 national blueprint. Since October 2016, Healthy China 2030 (HC 2030), a national program of action to promote the health of 1.3 billion Chinese population, has been central to the Chinese Government’s agenda for health and development, and has the potential to benefit the rest of the world. This conference aims to draw upon global wisdom in the advances of health policy and health care in China. Participants include national health officials from China, US public health NGO representatives, world-class scholars from the US, China, and other regions in the world, entrepreneurs in the health sector, and more.