Linda Toms Barker Presents at the Schools of the Future Conference

October 26-27, 2017

IMPAQ Principal Research Associate Linda Toms Barker will present “Social and Emotional Learning: Evaluation Capacity-Building in Hawaii” during the Schools of the Future Conference. The event will take place October 26-27 in Honolulu, HI. Join Ms. Toms Barker for her presentation on October 27 at 10:30 AM in Room 304B.

About the Presentation

Linda Toms Barker

This session will describe the evaluation efforts of the first year of a 3-year SEL grant program funded by the Hawaii Community Foundation's Pillars of Peace Initiative. The session will focus on evaluation strategies, challenges and capacity-building efforts as well as evaluation plans for the next two years. One of the eleven grantees will provide a school perspective on the evaluation. Together the two presenters will present evaluation lessons learned so far.

About the Schools for the Future Conference

This collaborative event is presented by the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, the Hawaii Department of Education and the Hawaii Community Foundation in partnership with the Pillars of Peace Fund of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation and the Hawaii Society for Technology in Education to highlight the best practices that are taking place in our learning environments today and being planned for those of tomorrow.