IMPAQ Continues Expansion with New West Coast Office

Oakland, California


September 15, 2014

IMPAQ International opened its new business operations in downtown Oakland, CA to continue expansion of its west coast presence and accommodate for anticipated growth.

In November 2013, IMPAQ International announced its acquisition of Oakland-based Berkeley Policy Associates (BPA), a public policy research and consulting firm with capabilities across a broad spectrum of substantive areas. The office will expand IMPAQ’s footprint becoming the new home of the former BPA staff, and will also serve as the main point of contact for IMPAQ’s west coast operations.

David Daigle, IMPAQ’s Chief Operating Officer, stated that “IMPAQ is excited about this new move and we look forward to creating new partnerships with organizations in the downtown Oakland area while continuing to expand our reach throughout the west coast.”

The new office, located at 1333 Broadway, Suite 300, is situated in the heart of downtown Oakland, just three blocks from the Museum of Children’s Arts, and steps away from the 12th street BART station, providing convenient access and accommodations for visitors and employees alike.

IMPAQ’s enhanced presence in Oakland will provide further penetration into west coast-based markets as the organization continues to rapidly expand and provide services at the forefront of innovative research and evaluation techniques. 

About IMPAQ International

IMPAQ International is a public policy research firm specializing in designing and implementing rigorous research studies and evaluations of government programs and demonstrations. IMPAQ’s mission is to provide exemplary research and consulting services to its domestic and international clients through the use of impact evaluation studies, applied research, policy analysis, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and technical assistance.