IMPAQ International Announces Launch of Technology & Advanced Analytics Division

Columbia, MD


October 18, 2016

For Immediate Release

IMPAQ International has launched a new Technology & Advanced Analytics Division to enable data-driven decision making for public policy makers and program managers in the areas of health, labor, human services, education, and international development.

The advanced analytics capabilities will be used to improve government efficiency, predict outcomes, identify cost-saving opportunities, and evaluate policy decisions and government programs.

Federal, state, and local government agencies are collecting data at an ever-accelerating pace in an attempt to provide better services, programs, and policies. However, they encounter enormous challenges in integrating disparate data sources, ensuring integrity and security, linking across data sets, and dealing with the sheer volume of information generated daily.

“IMPAQ sees an opportunity to solve complex social issues with data science,” said Avi Benus, President of IMPAQ International. “Developed specifically with public sector challenges in mind, our new Technology & Advanced Analytics Division will help government agencies at all levels leverage data-driven decision-making and program management.”

IMPAQ brings research and evaluation experience across multiple sectors, as well as the ability to collect, clean, and integrate data that illuminate complex patterns and interdependencies key to understanding and improving public programs and policies. IMPAQ's new analytical services will include predictive analytics, statistical analysis, neural networks, machine learning, data visualization, and geographic information solutions.

The new Division is led by Martha Kelly, Senior Vice President, Technology & Advanced Analytics. Ms. Kelly joins IMPAQ in November and brings 20 years of experience in program evaluation, policy analysis, and research. Her experience includes working in the public and private sector, and most recently in a senior leadership role for a public policy research and analytics firm.

Kiana Moore, Director of Advanced Analytics, is leading our analytics team. Ms. Moore has over 12 years of experience implementing large-scale federal data analysis and dissemination programs. Slava Katz, Vice President, Technology Solutions, will continue to lead our technology team, now a part of the Technology and Advanced Analytics Division.

As the ability to discover actionable insights from data increases in domestic and international importance, IMPAQ will continue to build on its fifteen years of experience in survey research, evaluation, and technology solutions to improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

About IMPAQ International

With research studies, program evaluations, implementation assistance, surveys and data collection, technical solutions, and communications strategies, IMPAQ International helps governments, businesses, foundations, non-profits, and universities evaluate and enhance their programs and policies. In 2016, IMPAQ International was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest-growing Privately-held Companies and by the Baltimore Business Journal as one of the Fastest-growing Woman-owned business in the Baltimore area.