IMPAQ International Establishes California Presence with Acquisition of Oakland, CA-Based Berkeley Policy Associates

Washington D.C.


November 05, 2013

IMPAQ International, a premier research, evaluation, survey and technical assistance firm, announced today that it had acquired Berkeley Policy Associates (BPA), a public policy research and consulting firm with capabilities across a broad spectrum of substantive areas, and based in Oakland, California. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

According to company officials, the acquisition comes as part of IMPAQ’s continuing growth strategy, which has already seen the company expand from a small firm with less than ten employees when it was founded in 2001, into a firm with close to 300 employees and offices in both Columbia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., today.

Dr. Phyllis Weinstock, BPA’s acting CEO, welcomed the announcement, noting that BPA’s employees were enthusiastic about joining the IMPAQ family.

“For the last four decades, BPA’s experts have provided our clients with high-quality research and consulting that helped them make sound public policy. Today, our team is eager to continue building on that legacy as part of IMPAQ,” said Weinstock.

Avi Benus, IMPAQ’s Chief Operating Officer, noted that IMPAQ will move rapidly in the coming weeks and months to transition BPA into a fully integrated IMPAQ office. That entails integrating BPA’s existing staff and work portfolio under the IMPAQ structure - as well as offering local and state clients direct access to IMPAQ’s existing expertise and suite of services.

“IMPAQ is fully invested in a growth strategy that expands our national presence and enhances the quality and scope of the services we offer our clients,” said Benus, adding that the recent acquisition was a key step in that direction.

Benus noted that a key element of IMPAQ’s success to date has been the company’s ability to acquire and retain a diverse pool of the highest quality research talent available. “With this acquisition, IMPAQ will be able to offer potential employees the option of being based on either the West or East Coasts,” said Benus.

To that end, he added that, while the exact number of new jobs the acquisition will create has yet to be determined, the company will move quickly to recruit a significant number of researchers and operational staff in the coming months. Benus also encouraged prospective candidates to visit for more information about available opportunities.

“Overall, we look forward to becoming an essential part of the Bay Area’s knowledge economy and an integral member of the Oakland community - creating high-paying, high-quality jobs, establishing partnerships with local, county and state governments, and contributing to the betterment and development of this vibrant city and region,” said Benus.

About IMPAQ International

IMPAQ International is a public policy research firm specializing in designing and implementing rigorous research studies and evaluations of government programs and demonstrations. IMPAQ’s mission is to provide exemplary research and consulting services to its domestic and international clients through the use of impact evaluation studies, applied research, policy analysis, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and technical assistance.