IMPAQ Makes Recommendations to Congressional Task Force on U.S. Development Assistance

Columbia, MD


June 29, 2017

Today IMPAQ International submitted formal recommendations to Senator Todd Young (R-IN) and Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) the Co-Chairs of the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) Congressional Task Force on Reform and Reorganization of U.S. Development Assistance.

As a leader in program monitoring & evaluation (M&E), IMPAQ International produces rigorous and actionable evidence on what works in both international and domestic programs. IMPAQ’s recommendations are based on the strong belief that evidence must be accessible to practitioners and the public and be replicable in other contexts and environments around the world.

“IMPAQ supports the goals of the bipartisan task force to strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of U.S. development assistance. The recommended monitoring and evaluation reforms we provided would enhance the impact of U.S. assistance programs and ensure greater transparency for Congress and the American public,” said IMPAQ’s Co-Founder and Director of Research, Dr. Jacob Benus.

IMPAQ International’s M&E recommendations include:

  • Increase funding for independent, external, quality M&E of U.S. International Development projects,
  • Establish a bipartisan Evidence Commission to develop a strategy for increasing the role of M&E in order to build evidence about US development assistance,
  • Strengthen the use of Adaptive Management Techniques to continuously improve the operation of U.S. development programs,
  • Create a USAID Evidence Clearinghouse that rates the rigor and quality of the evidence produced by international development evaluations, and
  • Create an Independent M&E Office at USAID to review and approve the allocation of all M&E dollars.

For additional information regarding IMPAQ’s recommendations, read the full letter to Task Force co-chairs Senator Young and Senator Shaheen on our website:

About the CSIS Congressional Task Force on Reform and Reorganization of U.S. Development Assistance

The bipartisan CSIS Congressional Task Force will identify actionable steps that the Administration and the U.S. Congress can take to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of U.S. government development assistance abroad. Senator Todd Young (R-IN) and Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) will co-chair the task force, which will produce a consensus report by mid-July 2017. Learn more at the Center for Strategic and International Studies website:

About IMPAQ International

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