IMPAQ Wins $10.7 Million Contract with USAID

Washington, DC


October 01, 2014

IMPAQ International is pleased to announce a new $10.7 million contract with the United States Agency for International Development/Bosnia and Herzegovina (USAID/BiH) to provide Monitoring and Evaluation support. 

Through the Monitoring and Evaluation Support Activity (MEASURE-BiH), over the next five years IMPAQ will provide USAID/BiH with technical, analytic, advisory, training, monitoring, evaluation and related support services to assist USAID/BiH in effectively monitoring, evaluating and relaying information about interventions.  Additionally, the project is aimed at building social science research and program evaluation capacity in BiH.

“IMPAQ understands the collaborative nature of this contract and looks forward to working closely with USAID Mission staff and implementing partners to reach USAID/BiH’s goals,” said Roman S. Ponos, Vice President of International Development at IMPAQ. “We are very pleased that IMPAQ has been chosen to lead the implementation of this project and play a pivotal role in the creation of ‘centers of excellence’ for social science research and program evaluation in BiH, effectively fostering an evaluation culture in the Western Balkans.”

IMPAQ International has partnered with two organizations for this project: The Evaluators Institute at The George Washington University, and Michigan State University.

About IMPAQ International

IMPAQ International is a public policy research firm that drives value by utilizing innovative thinking and rigorous approaches to improve our clients’ policies and programs, delivering meaningful, real world impact. IMPAQ’s mission is to provide exemplary research and consulting services through the use of impact evaluation studies, applied research, policy analysis, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and technical assistance.