VP, Labor James Moore Nominated to DC Workforce Investment Council

Columbia, MD


August 19, 2015

Vice President of Labor Dr. James Moore was recently nominated by Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to the DC Workforce Investment Council (WIC).

The WIC is a private-sector led board responsible for advising the Mayor, Council, and District government on the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of an integrated and effective workforce investment system. Members of the WIC include representatives from the private sector, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, government offices, organized labor groups, youth community groups, and organizations with workforce investment experience. Its membership represents a diverse range of stakeholders seeking to improve the District's workforce investment system.

Other WIC Board Members include: Community College of the District of Columbia Chief Executive Officer Dr. Dianne Phillips, Department of Human Services Director Laura Zeilinger, Department of Employment Services Director Deborah Carroll, Department of Disability Services Director Laura Nuss, and DC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Angela Franco.

Visit the WIC website for more information about the board’s initiatives.

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