Evaluation of Maryland Chronic Disease Care Coordination Program

Official Title
Healthy Howard – Evaluation of Chronic Disease Care Coordination Program
Howard County, Maryland
11/2015 – 8/2016
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Under Healthy Howard’s Chronic Disease Care Coordination (CDCC) program, a care coordinator in Howard County, Maryland performs a number of tasks for patients of four Howard County primary care practices:

  • Identifies them with prediabetes, diabetes, or hypertension,
  • Refers them to community-based programs, and
  • Monitors their health outcomes.

This program is expected to improve access to health and social services and produce clinical improvement in blood pressure and HbA1-C control for participants.

To assess the program’s effectiveness, IMPAQ conducted a descriptive evaluation of CDCC. We used a mixed methods approach, which included quantitative program data and patient and provider experience survey data. We designed the patient and provider experience surveys, taking into account the research questions and the characteristics of the targeted respondent population. The best practices and lessons learned identified in the evaluation will help the county design and implement stronger community-based public health programs.

We are evaluating multiple programs for the Howard County Health Department and Healthy Howard, Inc. that target the health and wellbeing of Howard County residents. The Healthy Howard CDCC Program is one of these programs.  

Our team includes senior researchers and quantitative analysts with experience in mixed methods evaluation and expertise in chronic disease management and care coordination.