Evaluating the Accessibility of American Job Centers for People with Disabilities

All individuals, including people with disabilities, should have access to the full range of services offered by the public workforce system. For this project, IMPAQ assessed the accessibility of American Job Centers (AJCs) for people with disabilities and identified areas for improvement. Rather than focusing on legal compliance, our evaluation focused on participants’ experience of and ability to use, all aspects of service delivery.

Short-term Compensation Study

The short-term compensation (STC) Program, also known as “work sharing”, provides an opportunity for employers to reduce layoffs by temporarily reducing the work hours of some employees and providing pro-rated unemployment insurance benefits to these workers to replace their lost or reduced wages.

Green Jobs and Healthcare Implementation Study

IMPAQ International, with support from our subcontractor FHI-360, conducted an implementation evaluation of four grant programs awarded with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds by the Department of Labor (Energy Training Partnership Grants, Pathways out of Poverty Grants, State Energy Sector Partnership and Training Grants, and Healthcare and High Growth Training Grants).  Together these programs included over 150 projects with total award amounts of nearly $665 million dollars, with wide variation in grantee organizations and populations served.  IMPAQ gathered information to asse

Job Corps Process Study

IMPAQ supported the Employment and Training Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor by conducting a process study of the Job Corps program.  The goal of the evaluation was to explore and identify center-level practices that are associated with high- and low- performing centers.


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