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Climate and population changes are impacting the availability of natural resources and presenting new and pressing challenges to farmers and agricultural communities. Agriculture programs and technology adoption must be environmentally sustainable and support long-term economic benefits. Land tenure reform is also a critical component of food security and agricultural development.

IMPAQ is helping address these challenges by providing policy makers, program managers, and communities with data and analysis to improve the quality and value of their agricultural production. Here are few examples.

Assessing Agricultural Competitiveness in Eastern Europe

IMPAQ completed an impact evaluation of the $22.2 million Fostering Agricultural Market Activity (FARMA) program. Through joint funding, USAID and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency designed the FARMA program to increase Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) agricultural competitiveness, meet European Union accession standards, and reduce poverty.

The evaluation included key informant interviews with 187 FARMA beneficiaries including government employees, ministries, and agencies. IMPAQ used a stratified random sampling approach to select key informants for the semi-structured interviews and conducted a desk review of work plans and periodic reporting, including activity level monitoring and evaluation plans.

A number of positive outcomes of the FARMA evaluation contributed to the success of the USAID/BiH mission, including: 

  • Assessing the effectiveness of technical assistance programs in agricultural markets in BiH;
  • Helping USAID/BiH better understand the activity’s implementation, lessons learned, and best practices; and
  • Providing USAID/BiH with empirical evidence and information that could inform future funding and program designs.

Evaluating Irrigation Management

The Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) Irrigation and Water Resources Management (IWRM) project aims to improve the productivity of the agricultural sector by extending and improving the quality of the irrigation system in certain agriculture-dependent areas.

IMPAQ designed and is currently implementing rigorous impact evaluations of the IWRM project by creating survey instruments, overseeing data collection, and assessing the effect these infrastructure projects have on household income. Evaluations include calculating the Economic Rate of Return and performing cost-effectiveness analyses and analyses of the distribution of benefits among different groups of beneficiaries.

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Client: Millennium Challenge Corporation
Date: 1/2011-7/2015
Service: Program Evaluations
Market: International Development

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