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Child Labor

Participation in the labor market is critical to the successful development and the reduction of poverty. IMPAQ evaluates and supports the development of efficient labor markets that are responsive to the needs of emerging economies while empowering women as equal partners. We also work to promote the rights and well-being of children and youth in the labor force.

Our evaluations and assessments help remove barriers to economic participation and increase employment opportunities for all people. Here are a few examples of our experience evaluating and supporting anti-child labor and youth & workforce development programs.

Researching Global Child Labor

IMPAQ is implementing a comprehensive and complex research and evaluation of global programs that work to eliminate child labor. Under the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Bureau of International Labor Affairs’ (ILAB) Closing the Child Labor and Forced Evidence Gap: Impact Evaluations, our team of international experts is conducting randomized control trials against ILAB’s child labor interventions in five countries: India, Malawi, Rwanda, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. Read the following policy briefs to learn more about our work combating child labor. 

Technical Assistance to Enable Labor Mobility

In Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), IMPAQ provided technical assistance under USAID’s BiH Program for Enabling Labor Mobility (ELMO). This program had three critical objectives:

  1. Institutional and operational reform based on automation and sharing of individual social contribution data in place of an error-prone inefficient paper-based system;
  2. Increased labor mobility and flexibility through market-friendly collective bargaining practices; and
  3. More effective compliance with and enforcement of labor obligations.

In addition to significantly reducing the burden on small and medium size enterprises, these objectives will reduce duplicity in government functions and modernize labor market practices in BiH. For the third objective (compliance with labor obligations), IMPAQ conducted a Training Needs Analysis and study tours. In addition, we provided:

  • A detailed analysis of existing institutions, their role, scope, functions, organization, and resources;  
  • A comprehensive new labor inspection policy and strategy; and
  • Advice and assistance regarding reform of labor inspection-relevant legislation.

Read more about these and related projects below.

Select Projects
Client: International Labour Organization
Date: 1/2013 - 4/2014
Service: Program Evaluations
Market: International Development
Client: Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Privatization Administration (World Bank)
Date: 9/2004-9/2008
Service: Surveys & Data Collection
Market: International Development

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