Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Technological progress; institutional stability; and healthy, educated, formal labor markets can drive some countries to grow economically faster than others. An expanding private sector marketplace and entrepreneurial base can also facilitate growth and investment in developing economies.

IMPAQ works seamlessly around the developing world, with governments, their counterparts, and existing partnerships to evaluate, accelerate, and share the contributions and barriers to economic growth.

For example, in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), USAID/BiH commissioned IMPAQ to conduct a rigorous evaluation of the Fostering Interventions for Rapid Market Advancements (FIRMA) Activity, which supports small and medium size enterprise (SME) competitiveness in selected value chains of the tourism, wood, and light manufacturing sectors in BiH.

IMPAQ designed and implemented a rigorous quasi-experimental impact evaluation utilizing administrative data and completed an implementation study of FIRMA. The evaluation contributed to knowledge and learning in the USAID BiH Mission related to three specific areas:   

  1. Assessing the impacts of FIRMA activities on targeted SME’s sales, exports, employment, and finance in the three sectors;
  2. Helping USAID/BiH better understand activity implementation, lessons learned, and best practices; and
  3. Providing USAID/BiH with empirical evidence and information that could inform future funding decisions and program designs.

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Client: Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Privatization Administration (World Bank)
Date: 9/2004-9/2008
Service: Surveys & Data Collection
Market: International Development
Client: U.S. Agency for International Development
Date: 9/2014-9/2019
Service: Program Evaluations
Market: International Development

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