Transportation Infrastructure Development


In developing countries, crumbling, insufficient, and non-existent infrastructure hampers economic growth. The lack of suitable infrastructure makes it difficult for farmers and manufacturers, doctors and patients, students and teachers to get where they need to go.

IMPAQ collaborates with clients and communities to build infrastructures that are sustainable for long-term economic growth and that provide opportunities for all citizens.

Assessing the Impact of Road Construction in West Africa

IMPAQ worked with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to design and implement an impact evaluation of the MCC Roads Project in Burkina Faso and Sénégal. This evaluation assessed the impact of road construction on key outcomes, including access to agricultural markets, access to basic social services, and transportation costs.

For this project, IMPAQ developed a rigorous quasi-experimental evaluation design (a combination of difference-in-difference and propensity score matching) and provided technical assistance in the inventory and sample selection process.  In addition, IMPAQ designed the data collection instruments and provided technical assistance to the survey firms selected by MCA.

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Client: Millennium Challenge Corporation
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