The Evaluation of Pacific Communities with High-Performance in Literacy Development (Pacific CHILD)

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The Evaluation of Pacific Communities with High-Performance in Literacy Development (Pacific CHILD)

For REL Pacific at Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL), IMPAQ* conducted this federally-funded, random assignment evaluation of Pacific CHILD, a teacher professional development program for fourth and fifth grade teachers in the Pacific region to improve their skills in teaching English Language learners in their classrooms. Using a cluster random-assignment design, the study assessed outcomes of teachers and students in 45 schools across Hawaii, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands.  IMPAQ* served as an independent third-party evaluator and was responsible for all aspects of the study, including: the impact and implementation study designs and power analysis; development of data collection instruments; data collection (collection of student test and demographic records, teacher classroom observations, teacher surveys and knowledge assessments, principal surveys, observations of program activities, teacher focus groups, and staff interviews); and data analysis and reporting.   The study examined three types of outcomes:  1) teacher knowledge of effective instruction; 2) teacher instructional practices; and 3) student academic achievement.  IMPAQ* also monitored the fidelity of the intervention model by documenting the implementation of the Pacific CHILD and collecting data on treatment dosage.  IMPAQ* used the implementation and contextual data to aid interpreting findings on teacher and student outcomes, and to inform future program replication.

*IMPAQ attained this contract after the acquisition of Berkeley Policy Associates in 2013