Logistical and Conference Support for Head Start

Official Title
Logistical and Conference Support for the Office of Head Start
Washington, DC
9/2016– 6/2017
Associations, Societies & Nonprofits
Social Programs Practice Areas
Education Practice Areas
Practice Areas
Child and Family Issues
Child Care Quality
Child Labor, Youth & Workforce Development
Early Childhood Education
English Language Learners
Event Management
Government Meetings
Housing and Homelessness
Literacy Development
Native American Issues
Professional Development
Quality of Care
Responsible Fatherhood
Rural Education
Social Impacts
Social-emotional Learning
Strengthening Families
Teacher Preparation
Teacher Quality
Communications Solutions
Webinars & Online Training Programs
Conference Management
Content Creation & Information Dissemination
Content Development and Editing
Desktop Publishing
Video Production

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Office of Head Start (OHS) supports local grantees as they work to improve school readiness for low-income children by providing evidence-based, high-quality curricula and nutritional, health, and social services.

IMPAQ is providing a wide array of technical and logistical conference support to a range of OHS groups, including national and regional office staff, technical assistance providers, and local grantees and their partners. Our work includes training and technical assistance; technical and content support for webinars, webcasts, and other online learning initiatives; live web-streaming services; writing and editing; curriculum development; materials development and graphic design; conference and meeting planning and management; data collection and analysis; marketing and outreach; and evaluation. Our methods include meeting management, content and materials development, and video production.

We completed work on this same conference in 2016, and our success resulted in the sole-source award of the year’s project. For more than two decades, we have supported similar efforts for OHS and other agencies within ACF, including the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation and the Children’s Bureau. On this project, our team includes senior project managers, meeting planners, technical writers, and subject matter experts who have provided support to OHS since 2000.