Support for Projects Related to Labor Market Supply/Skills Assessment

Official Title
Study Design/Research on Topics Related to Labor Market Supply/Skills Assessment
Washington, DC
10/2014 – 10/2017
Workforce Development Practice Areas
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Labor Economics
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U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration
Data Analytics

The Department of Labor (DOL), Employment and Training Administration (ETA), is exploring a number of topics of interest for future research, evaluations, demonstrations, and/or pilots. They are reviewing these areas incrementally and systematically, to ensure efficient use of existing resources and better understanding before committing additional resources. They have identified four specific study categories:

  1. Examining the effectiveness and outcomes of the H-2A 50 percent rule;
  2. Closing the skills gaps for hard-to-serve populations;
  3. Reviewing explicit and implicit immigrant integration programs to enhance coordination and improve services for low-, middle-, and high-skilled immigrant workforce DOL programs; and
  4. Assessing the skills needs of new immigrants.

IMPAQ is evaluating the impact of the ETA H-2A worker visa program, in terms of how it brings immigrant labor to fill short-term jobs with seasonal employers. Our tasks include evaluability assessments and the subsequent development of design options. This work will result in a data analytic and empirical framework that allows policy makers to understand how such programs can help immigrants and employers.

We are using administrative data to assess the extent to which this program can help employers. We are also leveraging our ability to work with data to examine the impact and measure the success of this program on local economies.

Our team includes senior researchers, analysts, and economists who bring their decades of experience in mixed methods research, labor economics, policy analysis, and administrative data experience.